Oh Me Oh My

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Impetus & Impotence

This kid is me trying to write a blog. Well his face is me, his hair is more Friar Tuck meets my neighbour Lori’s communion photo. For the month of February I have written 2 blogs. That’s a far cry from my 3 times a week standard from before. This is in large part due to lack of motivation. I start a blog, but then I file it away without finishing it or I do finish it but realize it’s crap and toss it.

On top of the motivational rut is the intimidation of people’s blogs that are far better. I don’t know why I let this bother me as I have a readership of my circle of friends, while blogs like fourfour and gofugyourself have thousands of weekly visitors. It’s that reality that someone is always funnier or a better writer or just beat you to the punch which makes you both admire them and secretly want to push them down a flight of stairs a la Showgirls.

I like blogging though. Since most of my life revolves around paper pushing and filing TPS reports, it’s nice to have an outlet to talk about my love of ricotta cheese or my love of Catwoman (entirely underrated cheese). Share my theories about who’s a tranny or why getting old inherently means being less cool. Mock celebrities, rave about TV shows, gripe about life, share knitting patterns, or just take a ride on the tangent train to WTF station.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Sorry About Your VD

Venereal Disease?
Vaginal Discharge?
Oh wait, it's February, the coldest, crappiest month of the year so that means it must be VALENTINE'S DAY!

Whether you are coupled or not you have to admit this holiday is a joke. You don't get time off work for it. It's pretty much just a gougefest for florists, chocolate makers and jewelers. The greatest part is pointing this out makes you seem bitter while hallmark rolls around in the money you spend on stuffed bears holding "I WUV U" hearts. The Simpsons satirized this brilliantly when they invented "Love Day":

"We need something between New Years and Valentine's"
"Well we had great penetration with Christmas 2"

So I declare a blanket Bah-Humbug on the day as a whole. We should all get together, spend no money and have a good time with nothing red or heart-shaped.

And for those celebrating:

Just joking!
I kid because I love,
and isn't that the true meaning of Valentine's?
Loving ourselves and eachother.
We'll be right back.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Heterosexuality in North America

Homosexuality in Iran

Which event would you rather have been in the crowd for?

Thousands have been killed under extremist Islamic law. Above are Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni. Teenagers.

Homophobia needs to stop. Think for a second and strip away the pre-programmed bullshit. What are you afraid of anyway?

Everything shouldn't have to be a battle.

Walking uphill all the time can make a person really tired.

If you don't believe gays deserve every right granted to heterosexuals at birth, then rest assured you are no friend of mine.

Different but equal is always different first.

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