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Friday, December 22, 2006


I recently went to KFC and got a macaroni salad with my greastastic chicken. After taking a few bites I thought they had given me one that had gone sour, and so I went up to exchange it. Turns out the new one she gave me as well as the original were made only a few hours ago. This can't be, I thought. KFC macaroni salad is forkful after forkful of artery-clogging yumminess, and this monstrosity before me tastes like rotting milk and salmon paste.

Upon further inquiry I learned that KFC has recently changed the recipe. I don't know if it is to conform to a "trans-fat free" culture, or they are just trying something new. What I do know is that the macaroni I once knew and loved has been replaced with what I imagine Miracle Whip that has been left in the sun would taste like....had it been stirred with a tampon.

Consider yourself warned.


At 2:15 p.m., Blogger adge said...

You make it sound like a 'trans fat free culture' is a bad thing.

At 7:32 p.m., Anonymous FAB said...

K, I'm all for good nutrition, fitness, and greater health but for those of us who are responsible and just want to be occasional disgusting gluttons this is an outrage!

I went to KFC and you're totally right! The salads aren't even worth it.

I'm a Popeye's man now.


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