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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Just Onederful

I normally hate comedy series finales. There is this compulsion to wrap everything up; to have every character's issues resolved which always feels like a cop-out. Friends was guilty of this, so was Sex and the City which is a sore point whenever I talk about the show.

For me the finale ruined what 6 seasons had worked so hard to build. Four women all struggling with their relationships with men discussing sex and love candidly. Whether the episode focussed on sexual promiscuity or the fear of dying alone or the aftermath of what happens when something good just doesn't work out resonated with the people who watched it. Everyone has a favourite character but whether you relate to the doe-eyed traditionalist, the unapologetic sexpot, the hardened independent or the hopeful creative, you likely see a bit of yourself (or a bit of what you wish you were more of) in the others. The finale made each of their individual stories sort of pointless as they all ended pretty much the same. The conclusions of previous episodes that focussed on friendship as personal strength, or not equating singledom with sadness became irrelevant, as the show about 4 sexy singles in New York ended up a show about 4 women in relationships. To me the show betrayed the characters and the audience by revoking everything in preached by not leaving even one of the women single.

Not to be too Carrie Bradshaw but...

Are single people ever truly happy?

I say this not because I am unhappily single, I honestly don't feel that a relationship is the right thing for everyone, and my sister was an abuse counsellor for many years so I KNOW relationships can be pretty toxic too. What I do know is that being the only (or one of the only) single people at a party blows goats for bus fare. I know that my friends in their thirties who have not yet paired-up are going out to more weddings and staying in on more weekends. I
know that carrying groceries from the parking garage to your apartment would be easier if someone would hold the doors. I know married people live longer statistically. I know having two incomes would make life a hell of a lot more fun. I know, at least in theory, that having someone committed to you and you alone makes the spaces in-between less gaping.

I also know that being single has its advantages too, but thats's another entry. I just got a call from Crystal in Thailand as I was wrapping up--serendipity I tells ya.


At 1:27 p.m., Anonymous Travis said...

You mentioned Friends but didn't dig into it, but I will still slightly defend it.

Chandler and Monica had been together since the end of season 4. Ross and Rachel had to end up together because nothing else made sense. Yes, marrying Phoebe off was a bit of a let down, but it was a beautiful episode. And I would marry Paul Rudd. And Joey was left single. Besides the premis of the show was the time in your life when your friends are your family. They have grown up, and now making their own families, it was a natural progression.


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