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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Deep House Dish

When Rachel Dratch left SNL I said goodbye to Deep House Dish, one of my favourite recurring sketches. It was a talk show where the DJ Dynasty Handbag (played by Kenan Thompson) and his friend Tiara Zee (played by Rachel) would interview fictional dance music stars with names like "Trey Letraj" and "Drama Martinez" after they performed a bit of their latest song. Every time this sketch was on I was guaranteed to actually LOL at least once, especially since many of the spoof songs could almost pass as real dance music, so I was very sad to see it go.

That is until last week when it was back on. DJ Dynasty explains that Tiara Zee is no longer with us. (She's not dead, just dead to him, after posting a picture of him in his Dunkin Donuts uniform online) and has been replaced with T'shane, played by Andy Samberg. I was thrilled! Then the first performance by Beginnings Chang (in the clip above) solidified why I love SNL. When it's good, it's great!


At 6:49 p.m., Blogger adge said...

I'm not consistent w/ my SNL viewing, but I did catch that sketch and found it quite funny. Andy is so funny.


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