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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Laugh and Shiver and Cry

“Yes Darek I fuckin’ watch Clone High, that’s like the 14th time you’ve asked me”. Well technically I sort of lied those 14 times. I watched Clone High, meaning I caught the first 4 episodes and then abandoned the show many years ago. Recently I discovered that the entire series has been uploaded to YouTube. The occasional episode may cut off (Damn that “Litter Kills” episode) but for the most part they are all there in their entirety.

I just finished watching what turned out to be the series finale today and not since Models Inc. has an unresolved cliffhanger left me this disappointed that the show would not be returning. Clone High is hilarious. The concept alone is genius: DNA taken from the corpses of important historical figures is used to breed clones who all attend high school together under the watchful eye of a shadowy government organization and a principal with his own agenda. Abe Lincoln pining for Cleopatra, JFK as a womanizing man-whore macking on all 3 Bronte sisters, Marie Curie’s clone being hideously deformed because of all the radiation her original was exposed to. Fantastic!

I’m not sure if it is only a rumor but apparently MTV gave the show the axe because it got a lot of flak from people angry at the portrayal of Ghandi (an ADD afflicted, dancing teen horndog). Seriously!? It’s a frickin’ cartoon about clones, if we’re being technical they’re not even joking about the real Ghandi.

This show was quick, witty and poked fun at those “very special” episodes of teen dramas. With a likable love triangle, an unresolved mystery, a fantastic vocal cast and an infinite pool of famous figures to introduce, it was destined to fail. Cartoon Ghandi was too offensive, so stay tuned for MTV’s newest show, Pimp My Mom, immediately following Vagina Auction.

You’re breaking my heart MTV, and to quote Abe Lincoln’s clone, I wear my heart on my sleeve so when I wiped my face, I got heart all over it.


At 8:27 p.m., Blogger Darek/Darciu/Dariusz said...


I love yooouuu....J-Cl-La

At 2:57 a.m., Anonymous teresa said...

I have the DVD if you want a copy.
lemme know!

At 1:12 p.m., Blogger The Frog said...

cancel the date? I am not a quitter, my friend :o)


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