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Friday, November 25, 2005

Like Carnival in Your Nose

My absolute favorite word in Portuguese is cocai­na, pronounced (Coke-Eye-Een-Uh). It makes the drug sound like so much fun. Nobody wants to do blow and plain old coke sounds so tired, but a party's not a party without cocai­na. Every time I hear it I feel like I should snap my fingers and shout Arriba!

Let me put this in context. I was watching a Brazilian soap and the conversation was brilliant. It was a serious discussion but they said cocai­na so many times it was hilarious. The following has been translated from the original Portuguese:

Maria: Sofia's husband has been selling cocai­na to make ends meet!
Rosinha: Cocai­na! Dear God, does she know about the cocai­na yet?
Maria: Ricardo has kept his cocai­na dealing secret, but with something as big as selling cocai­na she will find out sooner than later.
Rosinha: Sofia is my sister and I feel that she should know about Ricardo's involvement in the cocai­na world.....cocai­na.
Maria: Why did you say cocai­na twice just there? cocai­na.
Rosinha: You just did it too...you said cocai­na, cocai­na...I mean Maria...I mean cocai­na.
Sofia (who has just walked in): What's this about cocai­na?
*worried expressions all around...Rosinha is about to speak, divulging the dark secret to her sister when suddenly...*
Announcer: **HEY EVERYBODY it's cocai­na time!!**
*The chiquita banana woman and a giant bag of smack come out of nowhere and start salsa dancing with the sisters*

Well that last part didn't happen but it would have made it a lot cooler.

P.S. I don't endorse the use of drugs, especially cocaine...mainly because Trainspotting scared the shit out of me.

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