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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hallowe'en: Scary for All the Wrong Reasons

This past Sunday was the first hallowe'en party I have been to since I think grade 10 or 11 and after that bucket of industrial-strength lame I kinda stopped doing stuff on hallowe'en, but I think the person who threw that party reads this blog, so it was awesome and I had a really good time. Sunday was a hoot and I was so happy to see that most people put boatloads of effort into their costumes and that everyone I knew who went dressed up. Though there were awards given I felt some catergories were overlooked:

Most Creepily Accurate:
Lou did an awesome job as Peewee Herman. He had the clothes, look and even the poses dead-on. It was more than a little spooky and I kind of expected Pterry the Pterodactyl to make an appearance and have Jambi grant some wishes. Mecka Lecka Hi Mecka Honny Ho!

Most Disturbing:
It wasn't that Earl was prancing around in a pink top and mini purse or that as you can see in this picture Dora the Explorer has a thing for Coors Light--it was the socks. Earl got the color right, but when he took off his shoes they were revealed to be Spongebob Squarepants toe socks...clearly manufactured for tiny feet. Earl wears like a size 14 shoe or something so Spongebob's face was stretched to the extreme...and did I mention they were toe socks. Earl's feet and his wiggling toes as Spongebob's terrified face looks like it's about to rip in half; that image will haunt my dreams.

Most Misunderstood:
I didn't catch his name but Sam's date (nice guy) had a cool costume he created by stitching together 2 looks: One was a business suit and tie, well groomed hair and nice shoe, the other was spiked hair a high school T-shirt and Jeans. I remarked that it was a very poignant costume that illustrated physically what the average twenty-something feels: torn between the safety and comfort of childhood and the fear and inevitability of our adult selves. He told me he was Jekyll & Hyde. My reaction: "Oh" and then I grabbed a Twix and walked away.

Best Couple:
I really couldn't pick. Rob and Mary (Rory?) were hilarious as Hal Johnson & Joanne McLeod. You can't tell from the picture but they had the "Participaction" logo and "Body Break" all over their track suits. It was brilliant. Brennifer worked really hard on their costumes and poor Jen was bummed when she didn't win an award for her Listerine ensemble which I thought was pretty kick-ass. So instead of a Value Village trophy for Track & Field achievement in the 1977 regionals, you get a shout out in my blog. That and a quarter will get you a phone call.


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