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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

She is NOT Amused!

My mother saw me laughing hysterically while I was watching SNL Weekend Update and asked what was so funny. I repeated the joke (losing most of the humor in the translation):

"A new poll indicates 66% of Americans believe Bush is doing a poor job. It should be noted the other 34% believe Adam & Eve rode dinosaurs to church".

My mom just sorta grimaced and walked away and now I understand why. She's always criticizing me for losing my faith: "If you don't believe in God, you are just like the animals" and has always wondered where I went astray and now she knew. The enemy was a glasses-wearing jezabel named Tina Fey. She also noticed (but I don't think understood) the joke where Tina Fey says, "Pope Benedict will be attending the premiere of the miniseries Pope starring John Voight in the title roll...this is because John Voight's daughter is Angelina Jolie, and even the Pope wants to tap that".

Add my laughing at catholic jokes to my long list of indiscretions: I never ate enough veggies, I sat way too close to the TV and she now knows I drink to get drunk--i'm afraid she'll disown me soon. I was going to go as a priest for halloween. I could have taken tons of pictures with Louroz and Peter who both went as Boy Scouts.....and then I could have packed my bags and started looking for an apartment.


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