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Monday, August 29, 2005

Too Awesome to Last

I found my copy of this album on the weekend and I'm gonna go ahead and say it: Ace of Base were and in many ways still are the greatest band of all time. Now before you get all high and mighty and pretend you don't recall rockin' out to The Sign in your car, step back and think about it for a second. Ace of Base were one of the only dance acts to successfully insert that random "we're giving the guy a chance to sing/rap in the middle of the song bit" in any of their songs. Par example in Don't Turn Around:

As he walks away he feels the pain getting strong
People in your life they don't know what's going on
Too proud to turn around he's gone....gone..

....Simply haunting.

They were crazy big in Europe when I was a kid and I remember being at a club called "The Whale" (those wacky Portuguese) and people fuckin' going ape shit over All That She Wants. Personally I didn't get the song--never quite sure why the typical guy would be pissed that some girl just wants him for sex and then plans to be "gone tomorrow". Isn't that like the hetero fantasy? But I digress, as the dance remix of the song was pretty much all anyone listened to at the time and no one at "The Whale" knew what the fuck was being said anyway.

Then comes The Sign which is arguably their most well-known song. She saw the sign she sings, and it opened up her eyes she saw the sign and she is happy now living without you, she left you Oh Oh Oh! What was this sign? What did it teach her? Not only were their lyrics touching and relatable but also mysteriously enigmatic.

Ulf, Jonas, Jenny & Malin, Today I salute you and anxiously await your 4th release.


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