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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Is Rubber the New Gold?

These things are out of control! What started as a cool fundraiser for a worthy cause is becoming a ridiculous tickle-me-elmo like craze. Good lord there is a colour for everything: "Oh, this orange and pink polka dot one is for feline AIDS: it's the number one killer of domestic cats; and this purple and gold one represents my support of equal rights for albino midgets and this cool shimmery one I got in a 2-4 of Heineken...I think it means I like Heineken".

If you want to support a charity or raise awareness of a cause then tell people about it, walk in a fundraiser or volunteer some time or money; donning a piece of rubber that chafes your wrist is a great first step but corporations are catching wise and promotional swag looking just like these is on its way. So like the bangles and the snap bracelets before them, let us put them away...next to the pogs, butterfly clips and our CD single of Snow's "Informer".


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