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Friday, July 22, 2005

For the Kids?

Honestly, why must every event description I post end with "and face painting for the kids"? Do children even like face painting? It seems so obligatory at these wholesome family events: pony rides, hot dogs, Hillary Duff impersonator and face painting for the kids! But it's not limited to just that, it's everywhere: Goth Bachanal tonight at the Havenwood cemetery. Events include ceremonial slaying of 3 virgins, drinking from the chalice of sorrow, performance by Countess Cobwella and face painting for the kids! It's not a good idea because it's rarely done well and it's actually sorta dirty. (see examples below)

This is an awesome job clearly done by a professional. The kid is having fun and look at him - he's frickin' adorable. Alas professional face painters are not usually on site and the duty is instead taken up by some kind of volunteer, which brings us to...

What is most common: This girl looks like a cross between a greased up mechanic and someone with 3 zits that simultaneously popped on her face. For her trouble she will look like a complete tool and most likely develop a case of whisker-shaped eczema since that same brush was used on like 40 kids before her and lord knows where their faces have been.


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