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Friday, June 24, 2005

Why I Heart: Belinda Stronach

I always said if Belinda Stronach weren't a Conservative I would be her biggest supporter and low and behold she went and crossed the floor. Now I don't particularly love the Liberals either but at least she's not working for Captain Crotchety anymore.

Was it opportunistic for her to jump the conservative ship into the cushy lap of a ministry position--HELLS YEAH! but who are we to criticize her for that. Lining up a great job before dumping your old crappy one is just good business sense. In a party riddled with old thinkers and staunch anti-socialists Belinda Stronach was always in support of gay marriage, always been pro-choice and always positioned herself on the left side of the right. They may judge you for your lack of political experience, your good looks and your dad's money but they are just jealous; check out her hair! Now that's how highlights should be done.


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