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Thursday, September 22, 2005

I Would Save the Ozone Layer

Miss Washington:
Chandra Smith from Spokane is active in the fight against ugliness. She is an advocate for puppies and is currently pursuing a degree in Communications.

Miss Iowa:
22 year old Becky-Ann Beckerson from Belle Plains Iowa is a mother of 6. Recently featured on the cover of Country Bride, Becky is completing her degree in Communications via correspondence.

Miss New Jersey
A recent graduate of Communications from the "Merle Eubanks" School of Higher Learning, Crysteenuh is a stay-at-home non-mom who enjoys walks on the beach and Oreo McFlurries.

What do these 3 women and myself have in common aside from a warped self-image and a collection of tiaras? That's right, the Miss America degree in Communications. Never have I been as ashamed in what I studied as when I sit through a pageant's opening and realize somewhere between 41 to 47 states have delegated a communications major to represent them. Lesson to be learned here: Communications is a useless degree and in the eyes of prospective bosses I have the employability of a vapid beauty queen without the jubblies to back it up.



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