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Monday, March 27, 2006

You Know It's Time for a Career Change When...

When I have nightmares I do it like a champ. Most people have one that they remember the next day while I have a succession of images or vignettes one right after the other. Last night was one of those nights and two of those mini nightmares stick out in my head: In one I am drying my face with a tea towel from home when I look down there is all this blood on the towel and I am aware that something has bitten me. The pattern on the towel is sorta zigzag and I realize that they are jaws which have cut up my face.

In the second dreamette I am in a dark room and there is this baby that just won't stop crying and it just gets louder and gurglier and then it's just screaming like sharp sirens, so out of nowhere I get this jug of ether (as seen in the photo, triple x and all) pour it on a towel (the tea towel from the previous dream?) and cover the baby's mouth so it will fall asleep. Then the lights come on and I'm at a party where everyone now thinks I killed the baby instead of making it pass out. Disturbing to say the least right?

Well apparently not disturbing enough because the alarm wakes me up at 7:30 and the fact that my psyche still believes my face has been cut up, or that a room full of people believe I smothered a kid pales in comparison to the overwheling sadness slash bitterness I feel that I have to go to work. I want to start sobbing or vomiting, or both at the same time, an action I have dubbed "Cry Heaving". Is this what the first day back is like when you have the whole weekend off? Is this the Monday blahs I've heard so much about? Of course when you get to work it's not that bad but man is it a challenge to get your ass out of bed.

So to recap, I would apparently rather get my face eaten by a tea towel and accused of infanticide then come to work on a Monday morning.


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