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Friday, January 20, 2006

They're Better Than Bad, They're Good! (1)

Blogs (including mine) tend to be a place to vent, gripe and otherwise find fault with something. So in a K-os copied joyful rebellion, the following is the first of I hope many lists of 10 things that remind me life can be grand:

1) Driving by the Mr. Christie factory when they are baking and your entire car smells like fresh baked something delicious.

2) Drunken confessions of love. When the fellas get toasted and are inspired to tell their buddies that they are the wind beneath their wings. It may take a half dozen beers and a few shots, but it's nice when the sentiment surfaces. I love you man!

3) Musical Soundtracks. I'm pretty sure they comprise half of what I listen to and for good reason. Like Bjork says in Dancer in the Dark (before the movie makes you cry): "nothing bad ever happens in musicals. Actors can talk their lines fine, but something about hearing someone sing makes it that much more personal...god I'm gay.

4) Car Trips. After driving for hours you may think it's hell but something about driving with your friends brings out the memories: whether it is getting lost, conversations in the car, pit-stop stories or the things you notice driving around North America that prove that though we are similar, we are not all the same: McCrab Salad in Boston--yuck!

5) Porn with plot. Sometimes hot, always hilarious.

6) Cornbread. Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

7) The Cocoon Effect: When you wake up and realize your blankets have formed a pod around you, or you're tightly tucked in and the weight of the comforter is so very nice. It's so warm and you don't have to be anywhere right now.

8) Legal or practically legal mind-altering substances. Whether ye be liquid, leaf or night-time sniffly sneezy relief, it's great to be buzzed. Liquid courage, smoke made wings, strange imaginary friend who lives in my walls, I love you alls. The occasional stroll down the street where everything is funny and you are not afraid.

9) TV on DVD. It may be a huge waste of money since I only watch things once, but you just can't beat commercial free viewing-a-thons.

10) Chocolate. Healer, friend, confidante, caffeine provider... lover?


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At 1:26 p.m., Anonymous Jacqueline said...

Jaime- your list has a proud new home, suspended by a Frank Leo "The Lion" magnet on my fridge. Loved it. Definitely perked up a blah work Tuesday!


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